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July 15-19, 2014

Mineral Wells, West Virginia

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Thursday, July 17, 2013

REGISTRATION 5:00         RACING 7:00

Street Stock


Class A   (speed pit)  DOT UNCUT TIRES -- ENTRY $20

1ST $150     2ND $90     3RD $60     4TH Trophy


1.  Aluminum intakes and headers permitted, must have full exhaust with mufflers.

2.  Factory type single carb.
3.  Full factory body, frame, suspension and interior.

4.  Fuel tank in stock position or have fuel cell.

5.  No nitrous or blowers.

6.  No lightweight fiberglass bodies.

7.  Must have same engine as make of vehicle--no oversize cams.

8.  Must pull 16” of vacuum at idle (800 RPM )

Factory Street Legal


Class B (speed pit) DOT UNCUT TIRES -- ENTRY $20

1ST $150      $2ND $90      3RD $60      4TH Trophy

1.  Must be everyday driven vehicle.

2.  Only factory aluminum intakes.  Full exhaust with mufflers. No headers

3.  Full factory body, frame, suspension and interior same as make.

4.  No gutting of body or interior.

5.  No nitrous or blowers.

6.  Must have license, insurance and current inspection sticker.

7.  No lightweight fiberglass bodies.

8.  Must pull 18” of vacuum at idle (800 RPM).

9.  No aftermarket ignition systems.

10.  Must have same engine as make of vehicle, no oversize cams.

Class C- OUTLAW (speed pit) DOT CUT TIRES --ENTRY $35

1st - $250     $2ND $150    3RD $100     4TH Trophy 

1.  All fiberglass body.

2.  Any altered frames, body or suspension.

3.  Any fuel.

4.  No blowers.


D. DEEP PIT - (Small) ENTRY --$20

1st $150     2nd $90     3rd $60     4th Trophy

1. Tire size only.

2. 0-37" DOT-UNCUT

ATTENTION MUD BOGGERS: Have you checked out our latest endeavor?


Friday, July 18

Registration 5:00            Racing  7:00



1st -$150            2nd -$90        3rd -$60             4th –Trophy


1. Factory type frame, suspension & transfer case.

2. Any engine modifications –single carb.

3. No nitrous or blowers.

4. Must have full factory type body & dash, after market gauges ok.

5. Stock type wheel base –axles cannot exceed body.

6. No gutting body or drivers compartment.

7. Open headers allowed.

8. Factory metal or replacement fiberglass bodies –no light weight racing bodies.


F.    PRO STOCK (Speed Pit)     DOT UNCUT       Entry $30

1st -$200         2nd -$120         3rd -$80         4th –Trophy

1. Any altered frame, body or suspension.

2. Fiberglass body allowed.

3. Gas carb motor only.

4. No nitrous or injections.  No blowers.


G.   SUPER STOCK (Speed Pit)    DOT UNCUT       Entry $20

1st -$150         2nd -$90         3rd -$60         4th –Trophy


1. Factory body plus frame & suspensions same as make and body style.

2. Lift kits allowed.

3. Headers permitted (open ok) frame exit only.

4. Must have same engine as make of vehicle.

5. Single carb  only –excluding late 4 & 6 cyl fuel injection.

6. Any engine modification –no motor set back.

7. Must look street legal.  No gutting of body.

8. No nitrous or blowers.

9. No fiberglass bodies.


H.   DEEP PIT  (Large)  Entry $20

                1st -$150         2nd -$90         3rd -$60         4th –Trophy

1. Tire size only.

2. 38” Up Dot-Uncut.


Must have five or more runs per class for guaranteed money, less than five pays 80%.