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July 17-21, 2018

Mineral Wells, WV
Celebrating 42 Years!

TRUCK PULLS            ATV DRAG RACE         ATV MUD BOG           

          MUD BOG            GARDEN TRACTOR PULLS

Truck Pulls
Saturday, July 21
Registration: 4:00***Race starts: 6:00


6200 Pure Street - Entry $25
1st - $100  2nd - $75  3rd - $50  4th - $25

6500 Pure Street - Entry $25
1st - $100  2nd - $75  3rd - $50  4th - $25

6200 Cheater Street - Entry $25
1st - $100  2nd - $75  3rd - $50  4th - $25

6200 Modified Outlaw Stock - Entry $25
1st - $200  2nd - $150  3rd - $100  4th - $75

5800 Super Stock - Entry $25
1st - $200  2nd - $150  3rd - $100  4th - $75

6000 Modified Pro Stock - Entry $25
1st - $200  2nd - $150  3rd - $100  4th - $75

8000 Modified Diesel Stock - Entry $25
1st - $200  2nd - $150  3rd - $100  4th - $75

8000 Open (Hot) Diesel - Entry - $25
1st - $200  2nd - $150  3rd - $100  4th - $75

Super Stock 4x4 - Entry $35
1st - $600  2nd - $400  3rd - $250  4th - $175  5th - $100  6th - $75

Minimum of five pulls in class to pay guaranteed money, less pays 80%




  1.  PPump gas only – NO racing fuel allowed.  Off shelf gas additives are permitted

  2.  Must be driven in – no trailored.

  3.  1. Pump gas only - NO racing fuel allowed.  Off shelf gas additives are permitted.Must be street legal with current insurance and registration.

  4. Must have good inspection sticker unless it has antique or out of state license plates where stickers are not required.

  5. DOT approved tires only.  No cut tires, wheel chains, or duallies allowed.  Single wheel only.  May take out side dull off.  No tires wider than 12.5 and/or taller than 38 inches.

  6. Must have all factory sheet metal.  No cut or fiberglass body panels.  Steel Cowl induction hoods are allowed.

  7. Steel flat beds are allowed.  Must have a headache rack if home built or factory.  NO aluminum or all wooden flat beds are allowed.  Judges decision will be final.  Tailgates are optional.

  8. Must have exhaust that exits behind cab with mufflers.

  9. No pipe, steel, snow plow, or winch bumpers allowed.  No hanging weight or weighted bumpers.  Factory built brush guards are allowed but cannot be weighted and will be inspected.  Must be factory front bumper or no bumper.

  10. All added weight must be securely fastened or contained inside the body, cab or bed of truck.  No hanging or exposed weight.  No weight beyond front of frame.

  11. All factory interior such as dash,, door panels, mirrors must be in place.  No interior is to be cut out to save weight.

  12. Must have working lights, wind shield wipers and heater.  No aftermarket seats.  Must be a bench or factory bucket seat only.

  13. Wheel base must be factory.  No homemade camper specials or extended wheel base. 

  14. No fuel cells or altered batteries in other than factory location.

  15. Must have same engine as truck.  Such as Chevy – Chevy, Ford – Ford, etc.

  16. Engine must be out of one ton or under and have factory rotating assembly only.  Including factory harmonic balancer.  If pumped can only be 0.30 over.  ABSOLUTELY no strokers.  Cast intakes only – no aluminum intakes.  FACTORY heads only.  No aftermarkets.  Casting marks will be checked.

  17. Must have exhaust manifolds.  NO headers are permitted.

  18. Single line carbureator, NO dual line, engines that come factory with a holly is allowd but it can only have the factory transfer tube.  And no secondary metering block.  NO thread in line in secondary bowl.  ONE carb adapter from spread bore to square bore adapter is legal.  No carb spacers.  Aftermarket ignition is allowed such as distributor, coil or caps.  No MSD or multiple spark ignitions are allowed.

  19. Must have working choke.

  20. All accessories must be belt driven unless otherwise from factory.  Electric fuel pumps are allowed.

  21. Must pull 14 inches vacuum.

  22. Dress up kits are allowed such as chrome valve pan covers, chrome dip stick, etc.  Oil pan must be factory.

  23. NO fuel injection unless it’s factory.

  24. No traction aids such as traction bars, stoppers, clamps unless they come factory with the truck.

  25. You may use anything factory one ton or under such as added leaf springs, over loads or factory sway arm.  Swam arm must have all factory rubber bushings.

  26. Anything that will alter the movement of the suspension is NOT allowed.

  27. Lift kits are allowed.

  28. Reese hitches only.  No draw bar hitches.

  29. Hitch must be secured and usable.  Must be able to pour water over the furthest point above hitch and go through hitch opening.  Max hitch height is 26 inches.



    We will allow one freebie.  You may use it on a 4150 duel line car.  Must have choke horn, headers inner chassis only.  No fender well headers, intake as long as still dual plain, traction bars single bar only – no ladder, or stoppers must have at least one inch of travel.  These are the only things you can use your “freebie” on and there is a limit of ONE.  If two are found or anything other than those listed you will be moved up a class.

    If engine is pumped you may only be 0.30 over what block you’re running.  If it is found to be illegal, you and truck will be disqualified. 


    Techs decisions are final.



  1.   This class is an OPEN Street Legal 4 X 4 Truck class, truck must be registered and insured for Street Use. A license plate with a current sticker tag is required to be affixed to truck. Registration, license plate and sticker tag must match.

  2. No dual wheels, studded tires, tire chains or any tire NOT specifically intended for street use are permitted. All tires must carry a DOT Number on the sidewall; DOT number must be easily read from the outside of the tire. No cut, altered or sharpened tires. No tire size limits.

  3. Weight class is 6200 pounds. No weight brackets or hanging weights allowed on front of truck.  Weights must be in cargo area only and securely fastened or contained safely therein. No weights allowed under hood or in the wheel wells. No weights may be suspended under the body/chassis or behind panels/parts. Weight class MAY be increased at the option of the director of competition, butmay NOT be decreased.

  4. Front bumpers must be UNALTERED factory stock. No weighted front devices are permitted –this includes but is not limited to: homemade bumpers, snowplow frames, brush guards and winches. Lower brackets ONLY for snow plow frames are permitted so long as NO modifications that would add weight are determined.  A truck is permitted to compete without a front bumper. Absolutely NO hanging weights allowed.

  5. The hitch point will be from REESE TYPE hitch on a level plane and with the point of attachment to the truck’s frame BEHIND the pumpkin of the rear end. NO OTHER TYPES OF HITCHES ARE PERMITTED. Hitch point may not be more than 26” from ground. No angled, lever, pivot, axis or other types of “trick” hitches are allowed and the hitch must be stationary in all directions. The hook point must be the furthest point to the back of the truck. Hook point must be past the bed of the truck if there is no bumper or past the end of the bumper. Each truck driver must supply a twisted clevis. The hitching point must accommodate a minimum of 3.5 inches across.

  6. Internal modifications to engine ARE permitted. Maximum cubic inch is 500. Protest rules are same as Modified (Outlaw) Stock rules. No aluminum engine blocks are permitted unless OEM. No open headers will be allowed. Gasoline is the only fuel permitted. Absolutely NO alcohol, nitrous oxide or other oxygen extenders. Turbo blue and Cam-2 are permitted. Headers are approved but all exhaust must run through a muffler system. No superchargers or turbochargers unless OEM for that model year. Engine swaps between manufacturers are NOT permitted.

  7. No solid suspensions are permitted. Suspension must have a MINIMUM of two inches of movement at all times. No blocks are permitted between axle housing and truck frame that would restrict the necessary two inches of movement. Lift kits are acceptable. Ladders bars ARE permitted. If no ladder bars, must have drive shaft loops and shields.

  8. TRUCK MUST BE STOCK IN APPEARANCE. Floor in bed must be solid. The wheelbase may NOT be changed from original manufacturer. Wooden flatbeds are permitted. Extended cabs are allowed. NO DIESEL TRUCKS. Body modifications ARE permitted as long as truck still appears “stock” and passes state inspection.

  9. The transmission and transfer case must be OEM and available in One-Ton (or smaller)pick-up trucks.



1.  Must have loops on all drive shafts and U-joint shields. 3 on rear and 2 on front.

2.  Must have working kill switch. Will be checked. Kill switch must be in plain view of sight. Kill

switch must shut off fuel pump.

3.  Must have Neutral safety“white” light visible by sled operator.

4.  Must have fire extinguisher within hand reach.

5.  Blow proof bellhousing or blanket and flywheel shields are insurance required.

6.  Must wear a helmet.


1. Must have all factory sheet metal. No fiberglass or aluminum body parts. Hood scoops are allowed. Do not have to have a tail gate on truck.

2.  Maximum wheelbase is 135 inches.

3.  Full factory stock bed – NO FLATBEDS or aluminum beds.

4.  Must have factory bucket seats or bench seat. No racing seats allowed.

5.  No extended cabs.

6.  Inner fenders must be in truck in stock location.

7.  Gas tanks must be in factory position or fuel cell only in bed of truck.

8.  Must have at least one shock per wheel.

9.  Must have drums and backing plates on back unless OEM disc brakes.

10.  Battery must be secured under hood only.

11.  Must have a minimum of 1” travel in rear of truck between axle stops and rear end housing. No solid suspensions. Springs must have a minimum of 5 working leafs on each side. Springs must be in factory location.

12.  Ladder bars may not extend past the front of bed on the rear or past the front cab mount on the front.

13. Maximum of 33 inch tall DOT tires mounted on 10” wide rims. No cut or sharpened tires. 33x12.50 or 305x7514.  Front weights may not extend more than 60 inches forward of the center line of the front axle if the truck has a wheelbase of 135”, or 195 inches forward of the rear axle if truck has less than 135” wheelbase.

15.  Hitch will be 24” high maximum. No less than 36” from center of the rear axle to

hook point. Hitch must fasten to frame only and adjust off the frame ONLY. All bracing must hook to frame or stops that come off of frame ONLY.

16.  Stops must be in the center of the axle housing.  NO solid suspensions. Springs must have

a minimum of 5 working leafs on each side. Springs must be in factory location.



  1. Racing gasoline only. No power additives of any kind. Absolutely no Nitrous Oxide, alcohol, or Nitro, etc.

  2. 2. Engine must be same make of truck. Must be in factory stock location. Any internal modifications to engine are allowed.

  3. 3.  472 Cubic inch limit.

  4. Dry sump oil systems are not allowed.

  5. One Single Carburetor –no dominators.

  6. Aluminum intakes allowed. No external modifications. Maximum of 2” spacer between carb and intake. No tunnel rams or sheet metal intakes.

  7. After market heads allowed. Must be cast iron block and heads. No aluminum heads or blocks.

  8. Open headers allowed. All headers must be straight down and back, cannot exit through hood.

  9.  Must have alternator, alternator must be driven by crank.

  10.  Electric fuel pumps allowed. One fuel pump total. No belt drive pumps allowed.

  11. Electric fans and water pumps are allowed.

  12. Front end and rear end no larger than 1 ton.

  13. Transmission and transfer case must be OEM style



1.  Draws bar height of 24 inches.

2.  Kill switch is required.

3.  Draw bar will be 36 inches from axle.

4.  Drive Shaft Loops are required.

5.  U-Joint Shields required.

6.  One 4 barrel carburetor.

7.  Flywheel scatter shield on 4-speeds, blanket on automatics.

8.  Not over 410 cubic inch engine.

9.  Gas or alcohol. NO nitrous.





1.  Maximum tire size of 34 x 1800 x 15.

2.  Draw bar height 26 inches.

3.  Naturally aspirated, no blowers or turbo.

4.  Unlimited cubic inches.

5.  All safety equipment required

8000 lb. Modified Street Legal Diesel — 4×4

ALERT: Tractor & Truck pullers hitch opening size requirements: 3 ¾ inch front to back and 3 inch side to side.

Must have belt driven alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and dual fenders that cover dually truck wheels.
Street legal trucks that pull in Hot One Ton class must have an air kill.

  1. Diesel fuel only.
  2. No nitrous, propane or alcohol allowed. Single turbo charger with 2.6 intake or a factory twin configuration. No duel fuel pumps!!!!!!!
  3. Hanging weights not allowed. All weights must be secured.
  4. Dot tires only.
  5. Stock drive train only. No drop boxes, reversers or after market transfer cases.
  6. No rigid suspension, stock suspension may be blocked, no travel.
  7. Must pull from a “reese” hitch. Hook point must be no closer than 48 inches from center line of rear axle, 3.75 inch opening horizontal to ground. The hook point must be the furthest point back on the truck. Sled stops are excluded.
  8. 26 inch hitch height. Hitch opening size requirements 3 ¾ inch front to back and 3 inch side to side.
  9. Traction/ladder bars allowed.
  10. Exhaust must exit straight up or straight down, no hood stacks. Must have {if no muffler is used} 2 grade 5 or better 3/8 bolts ½ apart 90 degrees from each other recommended to be 12 inches from exhaust impeller.
  11. Engine must be out of 1 ton or smaller truck. Engine must be oem or replacement.
  12. Drive shaft loops and u-joint shields are permitted.
  13. Water injection permitted. No pressurized bottles.
  14. Trucks may have air kill and fuel dump.
  15. Fire extinguisher required!!!!!
  16. Must be licensed and insured.
  17. No air to water intercoolers.

8000 lb. Hot One Ton Diesel — 4×4

ALERT: Truck pullers hitch opening size requirements: 3 ¾ inch front to back and 3 inch side to side.

  1. Engine, running gear, and chassis must be factory one ton or below or replacement. Engine swaps between manufacturers permitted.
  2. Drawbars allowed.
  3. 26 inch hitch height. Hitch opening size requirements 3 ¾ inch front to back and 3 inch side to side.
  4. Dot tires only.
  5. Exhaust must exit straight up or straight down. Must have 2 grade 5 3/8 bolts 1/2 inch apart 90 degrees from each other and recommended to be 12 inches from exhaust impeller.
  6. Hanging weight allowed nothing to exceed 60″ from center of front axle .
  7. Drive shaft loops, u-joint shields, blow proof bellhousing and/or sfi scatter blanket required.
  8. Air shut off required.
  9. Fire extinguisher required!!!!!!
  10. All protests must be made to tech committee before class is over, by a participate of this class.
  11. Modified street trucks, with all safety equipment, may pull in this class.
  12. Track and tech officials decisions are final!!!!!!!!

Super Stock 4X4 Truck Rules


1. Maximum weight of competition vehicle is 6200#.

2. Maximum cubic is 410 and engine type must match body manufacturer.

3. Any automotive type engine must be limited to a single (4) barrel or 2 (2) barrels of carburetion with mechanical linkage, with only two valves per cylinder and must accept a stock automotive crankshaft. Aluminum aftermarket engine blocks permitted.

4. Fuel injection or any air compressing devices are not permitted.

5. Rear of engine block if moved must be a minimum of twelve (12) inches behind the centerline of the front axle.

6. OEM bore spacing must be retained in engine.

7. Grill must be in original position.

8. Truck bodies permitted and must have complete firewall, no fiberglass or plastic bodies unless OEM. OEM frame rails same as manufacturer as truck only permitted.

9. Axle shields are required. Shield to be .060” thickness steel or aluminum. Shield not to be mounted to axle ends or hub bolts. A single hole may be cut in one to allow locking of hubs.

10. Maximum wheelbase is 134 inches on all Super Stock 4X4 trucks.

11. Maximum tire size to be 31 inches. The outside edge of the narrow axle must overlap the centerline of the tire on the wide axle by at least one inch.

12. Clear plexi-glass or factory tint glass permitted.

13. No mud flaps or dirt deflectors will be permitted.

14. No fuel tanks, fuel lines, pressure gauges or pups allowed in cabs. All hydraulic lines in cab must be shielded top and sides with a minimum of .060 aluminum.

15. All air or hydraulic suspension systems cannot have hydraulic, air, or electric lines attached to these devices during competition.

16. Hitch height maximum is to be 26” at point of hook before, during, and after pull. Hitch must be rigid in all directions and solidly mounted. Pulling point can be no more than 1 ½ inches from back edge of drawbar. No clevis, chains, or cables permitted in hitching device. From point of hook to centerline of rear axle shall be no less than 27% of truck wheelbase.

17. No digital microprocessor, computer or programmable ignition controls allowed. No traction control or ignition accessories allowed.

18. Read only engine and chassie monitoring functions will be permitted.

19.SFI Approved gloves, fire suit and shoes must be worn when pulling. Helmets must be Snell 90 or above.

20. All other rules not stated will fall under the Modified 4X4 truck category.