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July 17-21, 2018

Mineral Wells, WV
Celebrating 42 Years!



HORSE & PONY SHOW             





Friday, July 21—Western Show & English Show

Premiums will be paid based on funds available


J.J. Barrett, Agricultural Agent (304)-424-1960

Jim & Vickie Lambert  (304)-489-2083 

  1. THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE. Participants in the Junior Horse and Pony Show must be a member in good standing of the Wood County 4-H or FFA programs, must attend one of the two mandatory Youth Quality Assurance trainings, and have filled out a Livestock Agreement for 2017.  


  1. All animals must comply with the WV Department of Agriculture Health Regulations. ALL ANIMALS MUST HAVE HEALTH PAPERS, pass a health inspection, and must be checked by the project/show chairmen before unloading (foot rot, sore mouth, ringworm, etc.).  

  1. Each animal must have a CURRENT negative Coggins Test. Any horse or pony stabled or bought within six (6) months outside of WV must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection (health papers signed by a veterinarian) when arriving at the fair (State law).  

  1. It is recommended that all animal have the vaccination program set forth by the WV Department of Agriculture.  

  1. No distinction will be made between grade and registered horses/ponies.  

  1. WVU Extension Agents, FFA Instructors, or designated leaders must verify the existence of project animals.  

  1. All horses will be stabled in the spaces assigned to them by the project/show chairmen.  

  1. ANIMAL HEALTH VERIFICATION FORMS must be presented upon arrival at the fairgrounds. Any medications given at the fair must be recorded on their form. The exhibitor is responsible for verifying with the project/show chairmen any drug or other treatments administered to the animal, including those by a veterinarian.  

  1. All aisles are to be kept clear at all times. Stalls must be cleaned on a regular basis.  

  1. Feeding, caring for, and grooming of the animals must be done by the exhibitor. There is to be no professionals involved with the preparation or exhibition of animals at the fair.  

  1. Grooming is to be done by the exhibitor. Younger exhibitors are to be assisted in moving animals to and from the show ring. Younger age exhibitors in the age group 8-13 years old may be assisted by parents or guardian in the grooming and fitting of their animals. Older age exhibitors may receive assistance only in the grooming and fitting of their animal; if it is their first year in the project.  


  1. The following guidelines must be met in order for exhibitors to compete for premium money. If not submitted on time and complete, except for show information, the exhibitor will not be allowed to show/compete for premium money. 

Turn In:                       Compete/Participate In: 

  1. Horse Registration –(Turn into The Wood County WVU Extension office due Friday, May 1 ) 

  1. Completed project book  (due Tuesday, June 7, 2016) 

  1. Record guide(s) –each animal (due Tuesday, June 7, 2016) 

  1. Activity record (due Tuesday, June 2, 2016 

  1. Animal health form –each animal (bring to fair) 

  1. Thank You Card/Note for sponsors (bring to fair) 

g. All required classes, including showmanship (at fair horse show)

  1. The show/project chairmen reserve the right to interpret rules governing the Junior Horse and Pony Show. 

  1. All project animals must be registered with the WVU Extension Office or FFA Advisor by Friday, May 1, 2016. A COPY of your current Coggins test MUST accompany each horse/pony registration form. If you decide to take the horse project without using a horse, you must indicate to the WVU Extension office this information by the May 1st deadline. Just tell them that you are taking the Horseless Horse Project.  

  1. Project books and activity records are due at the WVU Extension Office Tuesday, June 2, 2016. 

  1. All exhibitors must conform to the general rules of the WV Interstate Fair & Exposition, Inc. and the Junior Livestock Committee.  


  1. One exhibitor can show one horse/pony in two disciplines but only point in one discipline. The horse/pony must be registered by Friday, May 1, 2016You must state when registering for fair classes which discipline you wish to compete for points.  


  1. One exhibitor can show two horses/ponies in two disciplines but only point in one discipline. Both horses/ponies must be registered by Friday, May 1, 2016. You must state when registering for fair classes which animal is in which discipline, and which one you wish to compete for points.  


  1. The deadline for check-in at the fair is Sunday, July 10, 2016 by 3:00pm. All animals are required to be on the grounds by 5:00pm for Health Inspections.  


  1. You must have your stall stripped and checked by a livestock chair to receive premium money and to leave the grounds. Your animal is not allowed to leave before 10:00p.m. Saturday, July 16, 2016 without prior permission from the show/project chairman.  

  1. The Wood County Junior Horse and Pony Show follows the rules set forth within the WV 4-H Horse and Pony Show Rulebook.  

  1. Exhibitors must be registered in advance with the project chairs for the show. Each exhibitor must show in all designated point classes for the respective discipline that they choose to compete for Grand and Reserve award. If the exhibitor doesn’t show in their disciplines respective point classes, they are ineligible for consideration of Grand and Reserve Champion.  

  1. Showmanship is mandatory for all exhibitors unless illness, accident, death or other extenuating circumstances occur.  

  1. If an exhibitor does not compete in showmanship, the exhibitor will forfeit premium money, Grand or Reserve and have an incomplete project.  

  1. All project holders who register more than one horse/pony are required to submit a Record plus a Care and Riding Record for each horse/pony project that is registered by the Friday ,May 1 deadline.                  (Example: You register 3 horses: 1 project animal, and 2 backup animals. You are required to turn in 3 full sets of records) 


  1. Each exhibitor must have his/her registration for the fair classes turned in by Tuesday, June 30, 2016 to the Extension Office. At that time you MUST specify which discipline and animal you plan to compete (high point) for Grand and Reserve Champion or the show/project chairmen will decide for you.  


  1. WV Interstate Fair Board, Wood County 4-H Leaders Association and Blennerhassett FFA will not be responsible for any accident on the fairgrounds. Precautions will be taken to protect animals.  


  1. Junior Division: Age group of 8-13 (not to have turned 14 before January 1, 2016) 

 Senior Division: Age 14 and over as of January 1, 2016 


  1. Transportation Needs- If an exhibitor is having problems in getting their project animal to the fair in time to meet the deadlines, contact the Wood County WVU Extension Office to arrange transportation.  


Disciplines:Senior Division (age 14 and over as of Jan. 1, 2016) 



English- Non-JumpingEnglish- Non-Jumping 





              ** (Seniors showing in multiple disciplines, you may pick two of the above, including Miniatures) 

        Junior Division (under age 14 as of January 1, 2016) 




English- Non-JumpingEnglish- Non-Jumping 





**(Juniors showing in multiple disciplines, besides Walk/Trot, can choose from two of the above disciplines, including miniatures) 


Walk/Trot Division 






**(Only Juniors are eligible for the walk/trot division. If showing in the walk/trot division, the only other division they are eligible to compete in is Miniatures.)